Hi, I’m moonwalker and this is my personal blog. Here I write about technological and social issues as I see them through the prism of my own experiences. Everything I write here is either my own personal opinion or my (possibly incorrect) interpretation of somebody else’s opinion. If you’re curious where the name comes from this Wikipedia article is a good place to start.

Here is some bio just to give a rough idea of what my experiences are: I was born during Perestroika in USSR to Russian father and Ukrainian mother. After dissolution of Soviet Union my mother re-married and we moved to Ukraine. Once I got my education in Computer Engineering I moved to US shortly before the Great Recession and lived here since then. I develop software, ride motorcycles, shoot guns, study martial arts and play computer games, with occasional bouts of socio-political activism in-between.

I don’t shy away from being blunt about controversial topics, that means if you’re easily offended by somebody disagreeing with you or suggesting that you might be wrong you likely will be offended. If that happens remember three things: 1) I warned you, 2) it was your choice to get offended, 3) you still can change my opinion by demonstarting the superiority of your own through hard cold logic.

At the moment this site doesn’t support comments. When I get them working though please ask yourself a simple question every time you comment: do I contribute anything truly useful to the topic? Comments that do not contribute anything will be deleted - while I consider freedom of expression to be one of the most important human rights remember that this is my blog and not your facebooks or twitters. Please don’t bother with thanks either, if you find something I wrote useful just link back to it instead.